Best Conference Series

Contentive – HRD

Our event series mission is to create an environment in which HR leadership can “Curate the New Business Landscape”. For HR practitioners, this means helping them to construct new models for the future of the profession within an event environment conducive to co-creation. For suppliers, this is providing trusted channels to reach HR leaders and help them engage with our audience to collaboration with them with this business transformation.

From a event series in 2017/18 which included two Summit events and a co-located Awards ceremony, the series has evolved within 2018/19 to fulfill our mission and now includes: a US geo-clone/launch, an international roadshow series, a C-Suite forum (Compass – People Leaders Guild), an Awards ceremony re-located to fulfil market appetite and the launch of HRD Guilds (digital communities, accessed through App) to continue pivotal discussions.

Criticaleye – Criticaleye Retreat Series

The Criticaleye Retreat series offers C-suite executives and leaders an opportunity to step away from their businesses for a 30-hour period and share/learn from peers and experts. Designed for senior executives in leadership roles across different businesses and industries, Criticaleye Retreats are entirely tailored to each individual’s needs – from the content of the keynote speeches down to the peer to peer interactions and conversations amongst delegates. In a crowded business event marketplace, the micro management of interactions and meetings that every delegate receives is unique. The level of speakers and peer-to-peer connections are highly valued.

EMAP – Inspire Me

In the construction sector, women make up around 12% of employees and there are very few female CEOs, FDs or even MDs, a complete dearth of gender diversity at leadership level. There are many events aimed at encouraging woman into the sector, and some focused groups on specific areas of the industry but there is a lack of events and campaigns aimed as those already in the sector or at the wider challenge of working in construction.

Construction News’ Inspire Me campaign focused on events and editorial coverage, so as to raise awareness, discuss the issues and provide best practice on how companies and individuals were addressing the lack of women leaders. 

The events were all oversubscribed and brought together over 600 attendees over 4 events during the year to share their experiences and what is being done to change the industry. The campaign also exceeded its revenue targets and has already run its first of 5 events for 2019.

emc3 – Drift – HYPERGROWTH

Since Drift engaged with emc3, they have transformed their event from a 1 day, 1 location event to the fastest growing modern business event on the planet. This year, in 2019, HYPERGROWTH will be in 3 locations, Boston, San Francisco and the first of the series to be held in Europe, in London.

From venue finding to sourcing speakers and sponsors, emc3 worked closely with Drift to make sure that everyone who attended had a great time, and left wanting more with a big smile on their face. We can’t wait to see what HYPERGROWTH 2019 brings!

MarketforceLive – MoneyLIVE

The MoneyLIVE conference series brings together banking, payments and FinTech communities across the world. The MoneyLIVE rebrand has resulted in significant improvement in all aspects of the conference process, from revenue acquired, speakers obtained to unique page views to the website.

Featuring 8 conferences – with the flagship MoneyLIVE Summit at the helm – the series of events, alongside bespoke digital content produced alongside select partners, has enabled us to create a community of innovators in the industry who engage with our content day in, day out.

2018 was the time to refresh, renew and solidify progress made in 2017 taking things one step further to ultimately reach the long-term goal: MoneyLIVE as a leading brand for global financial services content.

Through investing more in innovative marketing and branding, trialling new engagement methods, fine-tuning research we were able to surpass the ambitious goals set at the beginning of the financial year and deliver a series of successful events both in terms of revenue and on-the-day experience.

Royal College of General Practitioners – DiscoverGP Conferences

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is committed to inspiring tomorrow’s GPs – not only to fulfil an ever-growing workforce need, but to ensure greater numbers understand and value the role and responsibilities of a GP. In support we ran a series of seven one-day ‘Discover GP’ conferences across the UK during February and March 2019. Each conference is organised by a GP Student Society and the events are free to attend with transport subsidised from all local medical schools. Within a month of launching the programme over 1,000 registrations had been received. Each event is tailored to the region and features presentations from practising GPs. We are also using these events to roll out our new GP virtual reality experience – to aid our promotion of general practice as a career by putting pupils, students and foundation doctors into the shoes of a practising GP in a wide variety of scenarios. Feedback so far has been incredibly positive with 90% of delegates saying their perception of what a GP does has been improved.

we.CONECT Global Leaders – Global Pharma MES Series

The Pharma MES journey began in 2012. Building on a loyal community and eight years of experience, launching events in Singapore and the USA in 2018, Phama MES is becoming THE calendar conference series for professionals working in the nieche area of pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing execution system.

With a global community of today over 350 speakers past, gathering 500 attendees globally in 2018, the Pharma MES series is connecting companies and industry stakeholders in manufacturing, automation, and quality providing an industry driven platform for exchange, benchmarking, knowledge transfer and networking.

With up to 20 sponsors per event, we connect end users with solution providers drivgin technology and future development of pharmaceutical manufacturing forward. With partnerships going back to day 1 of our conference format, we are proud to count some of the market leaders to the most loyal members of our global community.

Our focused marketing campaigns, addressing individual target audiences with conference content, social media speakers‘ campaigns, the Pharma 4 0 Award, along with Google Ads and LinkedIN Ads ensure the highest level of visibility before, onsite and after the event.

Customers say: „Important mindset with future visions of MES come together ” – Around the globe, today.

we.CONECT Global Leaders – Intra.NET Reloaded

The Intra.NET Reloaded event series offers the participants a trusted circle of with whom they can exchange their experiences, best practices and learnings in a friendly environment. Since 8 years, Intra.NET Reloaded has hosted the pioneers of the intranet world and grown from a single event to a global event series including Intra.NET Reloaded London and Boston, the digital Scale Up Intranet and the plans to expand to new markets.