Best Operations Team


The ESPE Meeting is the flagship event of the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) It provides a global platform for scientists and doctors to share the latest research and clinical advances in paediatric endocrine care, helping to improve the lives of children with endocrine conditions.

The Bioscientifica operations team for the 2018 ESPE Meeting in Athens was expertly led by a Head of Events, a Senior Event Manager and an Events Team Manager — all with extensive experience in the industry and over 5 years working for Bioscientifica. However, the majority of the support team were new to the events industry, with less than a year’s experience each.

ESPE 2018 posed significant challenges for this new team. The Meeting was unexpectedly hit by tropical storm Zorba — a rare ‘Medicane’ which resulted in local services and transport being severely disrupted. Yet, despite this setback, the operations team pulled together to deliver the most successful Meeting in ESPE’s history. This is a testament to their work ethic, motivation and excellent team work.

Capacity Media

Capacity Media Operations Team consists of 11 members some new to the events world and others with over 12 years’ of event experience. Each member has an important role and voice within the team.

Our goal is simple – enhance our company brand through giving our clients and delegates the best ever event experience whilst managing our risks and liability. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, no job is too big or too small for us whether it is allowing our clients to access us onsite via WhatsApp or to pre-event briefings. We strive to adapt our offerings to both our sponsors and clients and over the past years have been able to add value with innovative ideas such as tiered level branding ensuring greater exposure for our high-level sponsors and introducing cultural performances at some of our events. We have a real ‘can do’ attitude here at Capacity Media and stay ahead of the game by anticipating every challenge or potential problem in advance and making sure we have a plan to deal with it. We are very proud of the work we do and consider ourselves the titans of the event industry!


This entry gives a snapshot of the outstanding growth, innovation, strategy and sheer hard work and commitment our staff at CWT Meetings & Events put in, to achieve excellent results for our clients. It gives an insight into the key achievements of our staff, how we’re constantly improving the way we work with our clients, and the ongoing training programme that is in place and available for the team. We truly believe we have the best teams in the business and the feedback we receive and business wins show this.

DRPG – Live Division

A powerhouse of a team, we are so proud of each and every person that makes DRPG Live. We are nothing without our people and we are so lucky that we have a team that care, want to make a difference, are passionate about what they do but most importantly make ‘Anything’s Possible’.

Continued growth of DRPG has meant that in 2018 we were often pushed at the seams, and whilst we brought in freelance partners at times to ease the pressure, this sometimes became counterproductive as it added more pressure to our teams to ensure we protected the G culture and service standards. The biggest test and challenges were with a large project in June that we delivered for one of our key accounts. The largest and most complicated project of the year with over 60 full time employees in leading roles, it pushed and challenged our team in new ways. On top of this we had our busiest month and weeks at the same time. Never wanting to let anyone down our team rose to the challenge and found new ways of working together to deliver exceptional results.

Resource continued to be our biggest challenge of all, on top of this we have an internal re-structure following the change to the leadership team, seeing the merge of 3 areas of the business come in to one under one leader with new direction and vision.

EMAP Publishing – ConE/HLG Events Team

The ConE/HLG Events Team cover all types of events from conferences to festivals, careers fairs to clubs and roundtables to awards ceremonies across the construction, engineering, healthcare and local government portfolios.

Managing 15,000 attendees throughout 2018, organisation and teamwork is integral to orchestrating this busy and varied workload. Working with such large clientele, customer service is at the forefront of our team ethos.

2018 delivered many successes, with strong numbers to back this. Though our proudest achievement was increasing our festivals from one to three, which required exceptional team collaboration, cost management and attention to detail whilst pushing this ambitious team out of their comfort zone with a challenging 24hr programme to deliver.

We know that as a team understanding the industry, nurturing and promoting leadership within the team, and listening to our customers base will secure our teams’ continued success.

Pageant Media

The operations team at Pageant Media have a very close team dynamic and provide a support system, encouraging the very best from each other. The team work on both an individual and collaborative level to deliver 200 annual high end events focusing on the financial services industry. The entire team have a deep set passion for events and this drives our motivation and enthusiasm to continuously review, analyse and adapt our entire approach to event delivery to ensure we provide a relevant event offering that is exceeds all stakeholder expectations and ensures we are market leaders.

Sleek Events

As an operations team, we are well rounded, capable and reliable. We continue to grow and expand our client database and industry knowledge, whilst still creating amazing events for our valued clients. We love what we do, and the awards we won last year is testament to our success. We hit £6.7 million last year, exceeding our target, and are striving for even greater achievements in 2019. We’re so proud of how far the agency has come, and with our fabulous team, we plan to become one of the best boutique agencies in the UK.

Wilmington Healthcare

The events portfolio consists of awards, summits, forums, conferences and seminars ranging from 40-1,800 attendees. In 2018, they delivered all the events within budget. Additionally, the team were set four challenging objectives which centred around improving customer experience and demonstrating measurable customer satisfaction.

The team smashed their targets and confirmed their abilities to innovate, work effectively together, attention to detail and ability to deliver excellent customer service and experience even within challenging circumstances. They are passionate, motivated and inspired to deliver consistently engaging events.