Best New Conference Launch – under 500 Delegates

Audience – The London Stansted Airport Travel Show

The London Stansted Airport Travel Show was set out to showcase the airport’s growing routes network – over 200 destinations for summer 2018 – including the recently announced daily Emirates to Dubai service and all the onward connections this opens up to passengers from across the region. Other objectives included providing networking opportunities for airline partners and travel agents; and creating a platform for airlines to promote their materials and product information.

Emap/Metropolis – Nursing Times Workforce Summit & Awards

The NT Workforce Summit and Awards were a true example of team work with each division, production, marketing, sales and operations outperforming targets and delivering an event that shines a light on the most topical issue in nursing at present and goes some way to helping organisations to address serious workforce sustainability issues. An excellent example of delivering a new event at pace, while managing challenging periods of overlapping event timelines and maintaining high standards.

GLC Europe – HSE360

With more than 40 expert speakers and around 200 participants representing a range of industries from around the world, HSE360 Summit is a unique experience and a must for health and safety professionals. When we started this project, our main aim was to create a different HSE event on the market. Why is it different?
We have eight reasons for that:

-Participants can meet 150+ industry professionals under one roof 
-Biggest health and safety event in Frankfurt 
-Only content-driven presentations 
-One ticket, 2 days, 3 tracks and exhibition area 
– Real life case studies and innovation showcase 
-Interactive workshops
-Chance to win a best-selling book and to meet the author
-Communication session and cocktail reception

Do not miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons, network with colleagues from around the world and learn something new, which could make a difference to you, your organisation and your environment.

Hennik Research – Manufacturing Innovation Summit

Manufacturing Innovation Summit was a leap into the dark – representing a new product category, new audience segment, and a new conference format. Happily we landed with cat-like agility, delivering well in excess of our 100 pax/£100k targets, and ticking off important secondary objectives including data acquisition and audience development.

Manufacturing Innovation Summit was created to diversify a magazine publisher’s revenues into events, and also to reach into a swathe of emerging manufacturing job titles deemed to be important to the future of the business.

We took a novel approach to research – creating a newsletter-based micro-community to attract prospective delegates and sponsors, and to provide clear metrics on which topics were of most interest.

We also took a novel approach to the event format – which revolved round a series of uniquely-themed discussion topics. Delegates were free to choose where, and with which speakers and sponsors, they spent their time – ensuring that they got the most of their time. This also ensured that sponsors got to meet delegates most engaged with the topic being sponsored.

More people, having more relevant conversations = mission accomplished.

Incisive Media – Professional Adviser 360

Our aim was to create a ‘best in class’ conference, that meant top drawer content, leading speakers, latest industry innovations and a focus on thought leadership and excellence. Research involving our advisory panel of industry experts and conversations with target delegates helped form the basic structure of the conference – ‘You and Your Business’, ‘You and Your Clients’ and ‘You and Your Profession’. We worked with our sponsors to create interesting and educational presentations which addressed the wider challenges of the investment process and decision making. PA360 was the first independently owned conference for Financial Advisers to provide a platform (“Supplier Hub”) for the smaller providers of products and services, who are usually unable to afford the high prices of participation at large industry events. We used a combinations of marketing techniques for maximum awareness and engagement, including email campaigns, editorial coverage, social media campaigns, telesales, online banners adverts and direct mailing. We had 33 sponsors and 47 expert speakers on the day. The event achieved 177% over our revenue target. The PA360 Conference attracted over 330 delegates – the largest audience for any independently organised financial adviser conference in 2018.

Govnet Communications – Independent Schools Conference

following the successful launch of Independent Schools Conference in November 2018. In addition to opening a new market both for us and for our clients, the event has also resulted in a community of interest who we look forward to serving for years to come. Launch events present specific challenges and launch events in unknown industries more so. The adversity experienced by our team was taken up with dedication and ingenuity and the lessons learned from building ISC from an idea to a 300+ conference was furthermore vital for our ability to deliver an improved product for 2019 as well as for our ability to reflect upon our entire portfolio.

The King’s Fund – Health and Care Explained

The Health and Care Explained series of events began in March 2018. The concept was the result of discussions and insights from a range of teams across the organisation The health and care system grows further complicated every year and increasingly the Fund has dedicated more time and expertise to sense-making In addition, the organisation’s corporate goals include engaging with new audiences, showcasing the breadth of expertise across the organisation and giving colleagues development opportunities in chairing and speaking at events Given the external environment and these internal goals, we set out to create the first conference that would explain the structures and systems of the health and care sector (and why they matter) The first conference sold out seven weeks in advance and we repeated it five months later and it sold out again (despite taking place in August) We have since run it a third time in London and once in Leeds. We most recently ran a specific explainer conference on digital health and care, which was identified by audiences as a key area that they wanted to understand further.