Best Networking Event

BrandFuel – Aramco Reception at the World Economic Forum

Aramco hosts a networking event in Davos at the World Economic Forum each year. Usually a dinner, they decided to switch to a format that would increase potential numbers of guests and change things for 2019. They decided to host a reception but on the busiest night of the Forum. They wanted to demonstrate their leadership and innovation as a business, plus their stewardship of community and environment. Brandfual created an event experience structure that would demonstrate Aramco’s innovation at scale, environmental credentials and create the perfect catalyst for networking conversations to thrive in.

GTR (Global Trade Review) – Women in Trade Finance

The GTR Women in Trade Finance events have been running since 2015 and continue to expand in terms of scope of discussion, delegate numbers and geographical reach. We believe this series of events is a contender for ‘Best Networking Event’ due to the importance of the conversations that take place at these events and their uniqueness within the trade finance industry.

The idea for the events was originated from conversations that our editorial and conference productions teams have had with women in trade finance all over the world over the past few years.

Going forward, we want to encourage more men to attend and get involved in these discussions and to expand on the trade finance skills gap discussion by bringing more young professionals to the event.

MAD//Fest London 

The disconnect between existing marketing events and what marketing/media leaders want was the motivating forces for Dan Brain and Ian Houghton, two first time event entrepreneurs, to launch MAD//Fest London in 2018, a Marketing, Advertising and Disruption festival designed to combine fun, credibility and buyers at scale.

In six months, MAD//Fest secured investment from publisher Mediatel, built a business from scratch, developed a unique model, delivered a show that challenged existing industry exhibitions and established a distinctively different show that exceeded all commercial and visitor expectations.

Their invite-only model enabled them to reverse the ratio of buyers to suppliers at events and deliver an audience of 2,713 leaders, 87% of whom were senior buyers.

Royal College of General Practitioners – RCGPcare Conference

Every day in surgeries across the UK, over one million patients visit a GP surgery. GPs are the only doctors in the NHS who have the skills and expertise to care for the ‘whole person’, and the only doctors in the NHS who have the opportunity and the privilege to build up lifelong relationships with their patients. But being a GP can also be incredibly stressful and pressurised and that’s why RCGP, as the body representing GPs, recognise the importance of helping our members look after their own health and wellbeing The idea for a RCGPcare conference came from a member/GP led Wellbeing working group and the agenda was entirely focused on self-care and sharing self-care.The event was free to attend and attracted x delegates representing GPs at all stages in their career. Most of the sessions held during the day were led by GPs on topics such as the importance of sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and positive habit forming with a focus on giving GPs insight into their own self-care but also to encourage them to share information and tips to use in consultation with their patients.

Sense Media Group – AutoSens

AutoSens first ran in Brussels in September 2016, launching in Detroit in May 2017, the most recent event in Detroit in May 2019 will be the 6th edition. The event has grown beyond all expectations, and the brand will turn over in excess of £1m this year. The objective from the start has been to build a community of engineers, with commercial success coming almost as a by-product of a thriving scientific and engineering forum addressing the most important current technical challenges. AutoSens is not a future-gazing, navel-scratching, fluffy event about the distant future It is a practical, useful scientific gathering supporting the day to day objectives of researchers and industry engineers. We have a Sponsor retention rate of 86% year-on-year Feedback is constantly outstanding, from both international corporations and SMEs, for example:

“Exhibiting at AutoSens gave us the platform to meet and discuss future relationships with key targets. The meetings had a measurable and direct effect in driving the business forward. Exhibiting and sponsoring at AutoSens produces results ” Raul Bravo, Dibotics.

An additional USP is our “Women in Engineering” campaign to attract more women delegates and speakers to our events, increasing the number of women in attendance in 2016 at 11 to over 56 across our events in 2018 – 409% increase, far exceeding the industry norm.

SightCare – Independent Business & Networking Conference

The SightCare annual Business & Networking Conference for Independent Opticians celebrated its 20th year in 2018 as the optical industry’s longest running and highest attended professional membership conference. Supporting SightCare’s mission to champion the independent optician, and provide the necessary small business and networking tools and skills, the SightCare Conference brings like-minded small business owners together in an educational, motivational and collaborative environment. Meeting our aims to champion innovation, entrepreneurship and differentiation in the independent sector, our conference is free-to attend ensuring the event is accessible to as many independent eye care professionals and their optical teams as possible. Our conference format has evolved in recent times to become much more interactive. We have chosen a format which has fewer keynote sessions, allowing for a larger number of breakout sessions (18 in 2018), which enabled us to achieve our objective of ensuring that the conference remains highly relevant to all delegates. The large number of breakout sessions also encourages a strong interactive and participatory nature to our event.