Best Conference Series

ALM – Private Client Global Series by Legal Week

The Private Client Global Series by Legal Week has its roots in the long-running, hugely successful International Private Client Forum, an annual gathering of international private client lawyers, now in its 16th year. The International Private Client Forum, along with the other flagship conference, Trust & Estates Litigation Forum, serve private client planners and litigators respectively, and are unique in the sector in that delegate applications are only accepted from law firms. Any non-law firm delegates wishing to attend (accountancies, consultants) are required to attend in a sponsorship capacity.

These two events in Europe are supplemented by the Private Client Forum Americas (Mexico) and the Private Client Forum Asia (Singapore), extending the global reach of the series to The Americas and Asia. Both of these events are open to delegates that have client interests in, or are based in, the respective regions.

The Private Client Global Series includes:

  • Private Client Global Elite Dinner, United Kingdom
  • International Private Client Forum, Italy
  • Private Client Forum Asia, Singapore
  • Private Client Forum Americas, Mexico
  • Trust & Estates Litigation Forum, France

Criticaleye – Criticaleye Leadership Retreats

Criticaleye’s Retreat series offers a fresh and unique approach to attendees. Designed for senior business executives in leadership roles, many of whom have very little time so need to maximise the value they get out of events, Criticaleye Retreats are entirely tailored to each individual’s needs – from the content of the keynote speeches down to the one-to-one interactions and conversations amongst delegates.

A Membership Community for CEOs and their leadership teams, Criticaleye inspires leaders to succeed via the content of our Retreats around an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations and leadership teams are facing. Partners and speakers were selected on the basis of their contribution and value to delegates, and attendees were all leaders and academics from leading businesses and institutions.

Based on the level of attendees and highly confidential subject matter discussed, the outcomes of Criticaleye’s Retreats are likely to play a crucial role in shaping business strategy for organisations and their leaders.

Infopro Digital – OpRisk North America & OpRisk Europe

Infopro Digital’s conference series, OpRisk North America and OpRisk Europe, continues to grow consistently year on year both in terms of content, attendees, revenue and profit. The challenge in 2017 was to continue adding growth to sponsorship and deliver an outstanding delegate experience to ensure following repeat bookings. We were able to do this by careful mapping and understanding of our client universe, the creation of a senior level industry advisory board, implementation of new speaker and session format innovations, and by ensuring delegates could leave with the practical take-aways they sought.

ICIS – Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Today’s ICIS Base Oils Conference series consists of 6 events. Initiating from the original, World Base Oils conference, which launched in 1997:

  • World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
  • Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
  • Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
  • Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
  • African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
  • Indian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Base oils are one of the outputs from the crude oil refining process – representing only 1% of the barrel. To create and maintain a portfolio of events for this niche industry, which at the same time is commercially very successful and growing year on year, shows real dedication and commitment from the team to deliver valuable, unique and insightful events each time.

Since 2012 the revenue of the portfolio has increased six fold, not only through the addition of new geo-clones to the event but also through more extensive marketing and impressive growth on each individual edition.
Our goal is simple – to deliver the best-known, highest quality conference in each sphere of operation. Providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ to meet the industry and gain essential knowledge to face future challenges within each of the regions.

we.CONECT Global Leaders – Smart Mobility Series

The we.CONECT automotive event series encompasses 7 unique, leading knowledge-exchange platforms for automotive professionals, innovative technical pioneers and the top decision-makers, for them to learn about the most innovative technologies, how OEMs, Tier-1s, tech start-ups, research institutes and suppliers (the major stakeholders in the automotive industry) pave their way into our vehicles and also to create a connected international automotive we.CONECT community.

We listen to our automotive community’s needs, core challenges and offer them an intimate space to resolve them. We grow with them as a key industry partner and ensure we address the issues that they entrust us with. We hand-pick all speakers, delegates and business partners to ensure high quality and 100% meaningful connections and networks are both made and strengthened.

Ultimately, with the automotive series – Tech.AD Europe, Tech.AD USA, Auto.AI Europe, Auto.AI USA, Car HMI Europe, Car HMI USA, Auto Agile PEP Europe – we provide an opportunity for our international automotive community to shape the agenda in their fields of expertise and the future of the automotive industry.

Whitehall Media – Big Data Analytics

Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics series are enterprise-level events where hundreds of leading innovators, thought-leaders and executive professionals discuss and impart insights on how to integrate, understand, manage and govern Big Data. This practical business forum provides bold vision from leading data evangelists to help delegates gain fresh insights and momentum to galvanise and leverage their data for competitive advantage.