Best Event Re-vamp or Re-launch

EMAP Publishing – Drapers Digital Festival

What makes Drapers Digital Festival re-vamp a success? For starters, a 44% revenue increase.
Drapers Digital Festival is an example of how a brand can listen to its market and evolve an event to make it successful in terms of content, sponsorship and audience attendance.

As consumer habits change, people’s thirst for entertainment continues to increase and shift from spending on material goods to going out, travelling and other memory-making activities. This behaviour is also true when it comes to B2B events, where the expectation is now of entertainment and insight combined.

At Drapers, a media brand for the fashion industry, we embraced this challenge by merging two separate events – a business forum and an awards dinner – into a principally new concept where customers’ delight was put at the heart.

Launched under a new title, Drapers Digital Festival became the world’s largest gathering of fashion ecommerce and digital professionals and in 2017 achieved a whopping 44% revenue increase compared with the combined revenue of the forum and awards in the previous year.

Faversham House – Sustainability Leaders Forum 2018

Throughout the Sustainability Leaders Forum campaign the marketing, sales and edie’s content teams worked hand in hand to transform a one-day event into a two-day interactive, immersive and vibrant conference, with a massive increase in both sales and delegate revenue, exceeding revenue targets. The event moved beyond a ‘talking shop’ that would inspire our audience to take action withiin and beyond their organisations.

We know our audience to be highly energised and keen to participate, share experiences and learn, so creating an event which delivered on this was key to our success. We received a 4.21 score out of 5 against a 4.0 target, representing a strong performance with a vocal and seasoned conference audience.

IR Magazine – IR Magazine Global Forum

The IR Magazine Global Forum is an international and independent event that brings together IR professionals from around the world to network with the investment community, learn best practice from successful heads of IR and promote excellence.

KNect365, part of Informa plc – London Tech Week

London Tech Week is a mega city wide festival of tech events across the city of London taking place in June showcasing and celebrating the best of tech whilst providing networking business, social learning and business opportunities. KNect365 acquired the rights to London Tech Week for the 2017 edition revamping the brand identity, website and curated a number of key anchor events. As a result, the festival increased its number of attendees by 19% and delivered a substantial increase in revenue. The festival also achieved an NPS score of +22.4 – far higher than the norm. London Tech Week reaffirms London’s role as a leading global tech capital.

Marketforce – Insurance Innovators: Future of General Insurance 2017

The Future of General Insurance conference had been running on an annual basis for 17 years. It was a successful event but hadn’t grown for a number of years and performed inconsistently both in sponsorship and delegate numbers. We undertook a bold relaunch, with plenty of risks, and set ourselves some very ambitious targets to refresh and renew the event.

We created a new brand for our insurance portfolio that built on our legacy but focused on the exciting new world of technology threatening to disrupt the industry. The new brand, ‘Insurance Innovators,’ was born. This supported a new website, dynamic event format, modern marketing campaign and more innovative partnering opportunities.

Our long-term aim is to make this the largest and best insurance event in Europe. It was crucial to make substantial progress in the relaunch year and start to transition the event from UK centric to European wide.

Redactive – RCM Annual Conference and Exhibition

The multi-award-winning RCM Annual Conference and Exhibition took place on 31 October to 1 November 2017 at Manchester Central. The conference featured the usual high quality conference programme designed to capture the imagination of midwives and the press. Speakers included Call the Midwife star Stephen McGann and Hana Pauls from One Born Every Minute, in addition to educational sessions from midwives on everything from trauma treatment to leadership. For the first time ever, the 2017 event was completely free to attend for delegates.

Russell Publishing – Intelligent Transport

The transport industry was evolving at a pace, our existing events were becoming outdated. Industry terminology and emerging technologies were changing, making event brands, marketing assets and focus obsolete. To give the events longevity, growth potential and meet the requirement of the transport industry, we needed to re-brand and re-position.

Working cross company and with the industry, we developed Intelligent Transport, a new International event, incorporating relevant current topics and the existing client base, with new content and a wider International target audience. We achieved 150% growth at re-launch and now have an event that can grow each year,and a brand that will stand the test of time.